All stories matter.
Do you have an experience, insight, or a message to share? A time in your life that was challenging, but on reflection, has made you stronger/better/wiser? An experience that was so ridiculous it seems implausible? A transformative experience, or a daily ritual that makes you who you are? We want to hear about it and others do too!

We want to hear YOUR STORY!


We offer free workshops for people to practice their stories before the show. Please submit your story idea via the form below. Once we have considered how/if your story fits with our current themes and lineups, we will invite you to attend a workshop based in Naperville, IL.

Please prepare a story theme from the list below. Stories, when told, should be no more than 8 minutes long.
We will invite you to attend either a virtual workshop on Zoom or in-person at a location in Naperville IL.

"To me, telling a story is all about connection. Without someone to listen you are just talking to yourself."

Sayard Bass - Storyteller

"The People Tree is a gathering place that nourishes authentic community….we all have lives worthy of recounting, and nothing brings people together more powerfully than shared narrative. Also beer."

Mike Rossi - Storyteller

"Being a storyteller with the people tree provides many amazing outlets for me. I love to make people laugh and when I share funny stories I love seeing people enjoy the absurdity of my life as much as I do. 

When I share an emotional or heartfelt story, I find a connection with people we never knew we had. Simply by opening myself and sharing my experiences, audience members recognize that they have felt the same way, they have shared the same sadness or hope, they are going through a similar journey. 

I know from experience that there are people who feel peace recognizing that I share a bit of their path, and because of that, they don’t feel alone. I feel it as a teller and as a listener, and it’s a connection that is one of the most rewarding of my life.

As a seasoned storyteller, I participate in workshops as much as possible, because: 

1) practice makes perfect, 

2) some of my best lines were inspired by feedback during workshops; but also workshops help my stage presence, confidence, ideas, and the impact my stories will likely have on the audience. 

In return, I try to provide feedback and ideas to newer tellers. Taking the time to listen to others’ writing and provide encouragement only improves my skills overall. It is truly time well served.

Tips for being performance ready: relax, have only one glass of wine, and try to have fun. It might seem scary, but it’s not life or death. It’s just entertainment."

Clare Clayton - Storyteller

"The workshops help you practice your storytelling with the group and great constructive critique from all the producers."

Mini Dalawari - Storyteller

"My mentor helped me realize that I have stories within my story that are all beautiful and worthy to be told. 

The workshops helped immensely with fine tuning and positive feedback. It’s also wonderful to be a part of the process for other speakers. "

Meg Dagnino - Storyteller

Story Themes

January  – Weather
February  – Dating
March  – Names
April – Road Trips
May – Party
September  – Frenemies
October  – Haunted
November  – Making Peace

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